About The Flowerhood Project

Welcome to The Flowerhood Project… 

The Flowerhood Project provides holistic and alternative/complementary tools and techniques to help support your journey.

The idea for this project was born out of my personal journey – ‘From infertility to Flowerhood’. It has been created to help you move from Doom to Full Bloom.

It has been birthed into creation through me, for you.  To help you anchor yourself in peace and discover your deeper purpose for this life, so you can live fully.  And so that you can know thy self, soothe thy self, heal thy self, express thy self, be thy self and enjoy being joy.

This is the womb from which I share my knowledge and tools with you. The ones that have helped me rebuild and create a life I love after tremendous grief and loss, the ones that have enabled me to discover and live my soul’s goals,  the ones I continue to use today to navigate the inevitable challenge-opportunities that come with being human. 

The work herein is devoted to helping you find your ground, take back your power, move out of your comfort zone and heed your call…

My Bundles of Joyblogs and other resources contain content to help nurture you, mentor you and empower you, to rise from the ashes and step into your greatness. To step into your soul’s goals, so you can confidently and courageously live on the blooming edge of your evolution, continually being and becoming who you came here to be. 

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to heal past and present pain and move into a future you love living, that’s fulfilling and abundant, and were you get to serve what wants to be born through you and the people who need your unique gifts.

From a state of Flowerhood we can stand fully engaged and committed to living on our ever evolving, blooming edge. While we are already whole, there’s always more to give, more to learn, more love, more beauty, more growth, more adventure and new deeper and higher awareness.

Flowerhood is a state of wholeness that is being and becoming, infinitely unfolding, going and growing with the flow. We become a divine channel were life can move through us and as us, without us getting in the way, as we serve what wants to be born through us.

We are born to bloom over and over again.  Flowerhood is our destiny.

About Bundles of Joy

The Bundles of Joy contain vital nutrients (tools and techniques) that can help support your divine unfoldment into Flowerhood. They are created to help you cultivate the soil of your soul, and feed the seed of your sacred heart, so that you may grow and bloom over and over again.

I call them Bundles of Joy because they are the tools and practices that have brought joy back into my own life after the devastating loss of my children and future grandchildren and helped me heal my life. They are how I package up and deliver the gifts I came to share with you.

They contain timeless practices I continue to use today to keep the daily stresses at bay and get me through the stream of ongoing challenge-opportunities that come my way.

Each bundle is focused on a specific area that we must master,  so we can access that space were all our answers, ideas, courage and confidence lives. And so the world can finally benefit from our flowers and fruits.

I have gathered all these ingredients (tools, practices, knowledge, wisdom) for you from my travels around the world, my intensive research, my own personal experiences, my work with others, and my travels deep within my soul.

The Bundles of Joy are carefully designed to carry you from that place of victimhood to that joyful place of Flowerhood – from doom to full bloom – in a gentle loving manner, that honours your stories and your pain and helps you to move more fully into your calling, and live the life you came here to live and offer the gifts you came to give.

We brush our teeth daily, we don’t just do this once and expect our teeth to be clean forever, we keep doing this – everyday. When we do the practices in the Bundles of Joy regularly  we keep a clean heart, body and mind. And we are able to better navigate the inevitable storms that will come to pass.