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Join Shereen for an immersive online coaching experience to help you restore peace and harmony.

It's important to understand that life and energy coaching is not a substitute for therapy. While therapy often explores the past to heal psychological wounds, life coaching focuses on the present and future, guiding individuals toward a more desirable state of being. Life and energy coaching can greatly enhance emotional wellness by offering strategies for healing anxiety, processing grief, managing difficult emotions, and reducing stress. Utilizing spiritual practices and energy techniques, my clients receive support navigating their emotional landscapes. I help them identify and overcome challenges, and transform their obstacles into victories.

Session Details:

✨ Healing Anxiety

We all experience anxiety from time to time. In this session, you will learn effective techniques to process and heal anxiety, equipping you with tools you can use whenever anxiety arises in your life.

✨ Process Grief

Loss is an inevitable part of life that we all encounter. It comes in many forms, such as death, separation, moving, a new job, health changes, and more. In this session, we will process grief through spiritually guided practices, helping you find meaningful closure.

✨ Navigate Difficult Emotions

In this session, you will learn tools to navigate difficult emotions as they arise, along with strategies to address the underlying causes of these feelings, so you no longer need to experience these intense emotions.

✨ Reduce Stress

In this session, we will focus on reducing stress through mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, and energy practices. These tools will help you find calm and balance, empowering you to manage stress more effectively in your daily life.

✨In addition to or instead of these specific session suggestions, we can explore other topics to meet your unique needs.

"Shereen was kind, upbeat, insightful and understanding. She helped me dive into my situational anxiety and create some personalized grounding in the present techniques for me to do every day. She asked questions that helped me explore how I was feeling. She prompted a cool art project for me to look at every day to come back to present. Very helpful, clarifying and nurturing session. Thank you :)"
"Shereen. I want to thank you for our beautiful sessions. It’s helped me so much. It’s seriously been life changing. And you are so good at it. So good. Your changing people’s lives. You’ve changed mine. Thank you for all you’ve done for me. Your loving heart is endless. I am beyond blessed. Sending you gratitude, love and light."
"Working with Shereen is truly a gift to oneself! She is a compassionate human being who helps people find their way through challenging or difficult experiences. At the beginning of each of our sessions together, her very soothing voice helped me become calm and centered. The affirming and strengthening exercises she then led me through always helped me be in touch with and express my goals. My experiences with Shereen were very enlivening and supportive, helping me articulate and move forward to realize my dreams. I highly recommend her as a Life & Energy Coach."

Experience the magic that happens when your actions align with the wisdom of your soul. ✨

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During this free session, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your goals and energy patterns, gain clarity on what might be hindering forward movement, and discover what life is calling you towards next.

You’ll leave with a personalized action plan and you’ll have the chance to ask any questions about this coaching package or my other offerings.

Our session will take place via Zoom. I look forward to meeting you!

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About Shereen

Shereen, a certified Life & Energy Coach, guides her clients in enhancing their energy flow, fostering creativity, nurturing emotional wellness, and deepening their connection to their soul’s wisdom. Through her support, they gain the ability to move towards their priorities with increased ease and joy, enabling them to fully embrace and live their soul’s goals.