Shereen Baird: Life & Energy Coach

Follow Through On Your Goals

FREE Group Coaching Session (Online)

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Saturday January 6th 10am – 11am CT (4pm – 5pm in the UK)

Empower Yourself to Take Action.

Setting goals and knowing what we want is often not the issue; instead, many of us find difficulty in the ability to follow through.

Stay on track with your goals this year

This FREE Group Coaching Session can help set you up to stay on track with your goals this year. You will learn how to call in emotional helpers that will support and fuel you every step along the way.

Empower yourself emotionally

We’re going to be working with a process that enables you to empower yourself emotionally so taking the necessary steps towards your intentions and goals are much easier. 

What to expect

  • Interactive Coaching in a relaxed group setting
  • Expert Guidance to help you tackle the challenge of follow-through 
  • Emotional Empowerment: Learn to call in emotional helpers to support and fuel your journey.

This session will take place on Zoom. Please register to receive your access link and additional instructions:

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About Shereen

Shereen, a certified Life & Energy Coach, guides her clients in enhancing their energy flow, fostering creativity, nurturing emotional wellness, and deepening their connection to their soul’s wisdom. Through her support, they gain the ability to move towards their priorities with increased ease and joy, enabling them to fully embrace and live their soul’s goals.

"Working with Shereen is truly a gift to oneself! She is a compassionate human being who helps people find their way through challenging or difficult experiences. Her very soothing voice helped me become calm and centered. The affirming and strengthening exercises she then led me through always helped me be in touch with and express my goals. My experiences with Shereen were very enlivening and supportive, helping me articulate and move forward to realize my dreams. I highly recommend her as a Life & Energy Coach."