Get Unstuck: The Source and The Solution

Feeling stuck sucks. It’s a frustrating and inevitable part of life. We all encounter moments when we’re unsure of how to move forward. 

I personally struggle and experience feeling stuck when I feel torn between two opposing decisions, such as should I stay in the USA or move back to Europe! I like to blame this on my zodiac sign, Pisces, since the symbol is often depicted as two fishes swimming in opposite directions and this is exactly how it feels, like one part of me wants to go this way and the other part wants to go that away!

In this blog I explore what might cause us to feel stuck and ways we can help ourselves break free from the grip of stagnation.

The Source of our Stuckness 

There are many factors that come into play that might be the cause of our inability to move forward. Recognizing the underlying causes for why we feel stuck is the first step towards finding solutions.

Here are several potential reasons behind feeling stuck:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by options
  • Struggling to make a decision
  • Lack motivation
  • Unprocessed grief
  • Lack of support
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of clarity
  • Lack of confidence

And it’s very possible to be experiencing all of the above all at once. Bring awareness to why you feel stuck. Do you lack clarity? Are you struggling to make a decision, overwhelmed with options? Or …?

The Solution

Getting unstuck is essential for our growth and well-being. There are many things we can do to help ourselves shift this energy and move forward. This process is not linear.

It’s Ok Not to Know 

A great place to start is to release resistance and accept and allow that you don’t know how to move forward and “it’s ok not to know”.  Allow yourself space to embrace the unknown. Take time out to rest and recalibrate.

Declutter and Reorganize

Decluttering and reorganizing your home and work place can create space inside and out so that you can feel more open to receiving answers about next steps.

Take Time to Process Grief

Often our next step forward is to take time to grieve.  Getting unstuck might involve change and loss. We often try jump into the next thing without allowing ourselves space to honor loss.

Explore your Options

What is the source of your stuckness?  Are you overwhelmed by options?

Do your research. Seek out inspiration and information. Get your options down on paper.  What do you know for sure can be crossed off your list. And then try on options you like by feeling into them a bit more without getting bogged down on the details and the how.

Make a Decision

Getting unstuck often involves making a major decision that comes with massive change.  These decisions may have to destroy our current structures in order to make space for new one’s that can better support our goals. The fear of change and fear of failure can prevent us from making choices. For assistance in making decisions, take a look at my Decision Making Training: Decide with Confidence and Ease

Physical Movement

Remember to move your body everyday. Physical movement is a great way to help you move stuck energy. What do you enjoy? Dancing? Yoga? Hiking? Swimming? Here is a wee Tai Chi sequence I shared in a previous blog post ‘Accessing The Flow State – habits that give you access to creative energy.’

Take Inspired Action

Ultimately, the key to getting unstuck is to take action. In my coaching sessions with my clients I help them overcome what might be hindering their ability to move forward. I help them tune into their inner wisdom for guidance, overcome procrastination, find their strength and confidently move towards what matters to them. If your interested you can schedule a free 1 hour Insight Session here where you will discover insights and clarity about your next steps forward.

Feeling stuck is not a permanent state and progress may be slow and non linear. Have compassion for yourself as you find your way back to flow. And remember to stop and celebrate mini shifts along the way.

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