How to Prepare and Repair your Energy using the subtle energy of your spirit

Many of us have a desire to increase healthy energy in our system. This may come after a time of burnout, loss, responsibility or exhaustion. We all experience how life’s many stresses take a toll on our energy. 

There are also times when we may feel the need to prepare ourselves energetically for an event or situation that’s coming up in near future that maybe we’re dreading or feeling uneasy about.

Our energy can also get trapped in the past, in the future, in circumstances, in beliefs, in regrets, in activities that drain us, in our body, in our mind and in a whole host of other hidden places.

We can use our spiritual energy to recover lost healthy power and prepare ourselves energetically for a future event. We are then better able to show up with courage, confidence and the ability to access our inner resources to help us solve problems that may arise or make difficult decisions with more ease.

Here are some ways that can help us invite and evoke the healing energy of our spirit:

  • Feel your emotions with acceptance and kindness.
  • Ground your energy in your body and in connection with earth element.
  • Learn to self regulate your nervous system to help reduce stress.
  • Transform old hardened beliefs.
  • Expand your awareness.
  • Improve your skill of focusing.
  • Give thanks.
  • Allow your Higher Self to be fully experienced.
  • Create healthy boundaries.

As a Life & Energy Coach I help my clients learn tools and exercises to improve their energy flow, creativity, and emotional wellness, using their creative mind, intuitive wisdom and the subtle energy of their spirit.

Through the use of the powerful Activation Method energy coaching techniques I help my clients dive deep to repair and prepare their energy.  My clients learn to spiritually process their experiences and more easily hear and follow their inner guidance.

If you’re interested, I invite you to a special free one-on-one coaching session that will introduce you to what Life & Energy Coaching can do for you in your life. You’ll come away with a great sense of clarity and an action plan for yourself. 

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Before I go, I’d love to share with you my favorite grounding technique. Here it is 🙂

I look forward to meeting you.

4 Responses

  1. Thank you, dear Shereen! This grounding technique is beautiful. I just tried it in front of my computer in between teaching lessons. It’s so easy yet powerful. Really appreciate you making it available to us. Thanks again.


    1. Thank you Malkah, I’m so glad you like it. I hope it helps and comes in handy for you.

  2. Shereen,
    Thank you so much for this easy & effective grounding technique! I’m going to share it with my adolescent grandchildren. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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