The Beauty of Collage (Project ideas using collage and a video on mini zines)

The beauty of collage is that you don’t have to be an ‘epic artist’ or a ‘good writer’ to create something meaningful and beautiful.  You can use images, words and all sorts of other things from many sources to help you express what is on your mind and in your heart; to relay, reveal or produce what it is you want to create.  Also you can easily re-produce and print your work to share with friends and/or enemies and it’s cheap or free!

Collage is an old art form made from sticking a collection of various different materials such as clippings from magazines and newspapers, photographs, fabrics, items found in nature and so on into a new unified whole. These days’ people also use computers to create digital collage.

Making collage can be an awesome fun and exciting way to express whatever wants to pour out of you; your emotions of love or anger, your wisdom, your sense of humor, your stories… It can be a way to uncover some needed guidance, a way to express your message or point of view or just a sweet way to create a beautiful piece of art.

Personally I get more pleasure from chopping up magazines and getting creative with the words and images than I do from reading them!  I am often surprised when the materials seem to come together by themselves and take on their own form that endows me with the exact message I so desperately needed to hear in that moment.

There are so many options for projects you could embark on using collage.  Below are my favourites, with a little peek at a few of my creations which I hope will inspire you to create your own:

Greeting cards

Here I used an old painting as my base page


This is the invitation I made for our wedding

Vision boards (the use of words and images to bring a dream for the future into clear vision)

I made this before moving to America
A very basic digital assemblage of photos from the internet to bring forward a vision for our wedding day

Zines (a DIY self-published booklet/magazines)

I collaborated in a zine project with a small group of women from the Grassmarket Project, this was my contribution

In this short video I show you how to easily make the base for your mini zine endeavors:


I made this simple mandala to jazz up my jewellery box

Journal enhancements

I added some peaceful imagery to lighten the load of my to-do lists

For more inspiring artful ideas check out my blog Allow Art To Heal Your Heart

Get involved!

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