The Voices In Our Head

I had the privilege of being the ‘roady’ for an amazing artist, Tatiana Katara, who paints live at big music festivals.  Her paintings are epic. The festival I attended with her was called Project Earth, at Harmony Park in Minnesota.  I’ve never seen so many hippies, having so much fun, in the one spot at the same time…

The live music was fantastic, the food was yummy, the vendors where selling some really cool shit and I even had an opportunity to sell some of my own wooden treasures.

 There were fun workshops, on medicinal herbs, singing, yoga and all sorts of stuff.  I really enjoyed bathing in sound, in the ‘gong bath tent’ and discussing female matters in the ‘red tent’.  At night everything glowed and there were fire spinners doing their thing. ‘Twas a full on fun weekend.

On the way to the festival, Tatiana’s van was giving us some cause for concern. When she pushed the brakes in her van there was a rather strong smell, like burning rubber… We made it to the festival but didn’t want to risk a 3 hour drive back until she had it looked over by a mechanic.  So I had to find another way home which lead to my first ever real hitch hiking experience. 

It didn’t take long, maybe an hour or so, before Travis picked me up.  My Scottish origins reminded him of a live show he’d seen where the singer wore a kilt and he had to play these songs for me. Then it moved onto the next set of songs and he said “2 weeks after they released this album the lead singer hung himself” (Lincoln Park). I initially thought “Oh no here we go, some depressing music for the next few hours, help!”  But instead it sparked a rather sweet conversation that was the inspiration for this poem I wrote titled ‘The Voices In Our Head’.

The Voices in our Head 

There are two main voices that we hear.
One comes from Love and the other from fear. 

Fear says “I’m all alone, the world’s insane, 
everyone including myself is fucked,
and we are all destined to die.”
It makes us believe we’re separate from others, 
lacking, better than, less than, not enough— 
it’s loud and deceitfully sly. 

Love says “We’re never alone, we’re all 
connected, heaven on earth IS possible,
we are undyingly loved and WE ARE eternal.”
It takes us beyond mere belief, beyond space 
and time, beyond polarities and limitations 
into a peaceful internal and external. 

Fear speaks first and
is rather loud, and can
drown out The Voice of Love. 
Through meditating, praying, 
forgiving and blessing,
we can give it a gentle shove. 

As we hear Love’s Voice,
and become empty of all our crap
and accumulated ‘knowledge.’
Love can enter and lead the way
to our graduation, from the 
School of Life into the Holy College. 

From this place our bodies and minds
are set free to be used to serve Love,
thus we begin to naturally play our unique part. 
We are no longer in a space of wanting 
and getting, or stuck in victim mode— 
instead willing and able to give our heart. 

Notice how that when
a loved one’s form ‘dies’,
that Love still remains.
And that the sad shit, the bad shit 
always comes with lessons, that ultimately 
help break us from the chains. 

Every single thing that happened in the 
past; the good, the bad, and the ugly, 
was in fact all for our ultimate great.
It leads to the space where the veil gets 
lifted, and we get to abide in a 
romantic date with our divine mate. 

You can read more of my poems in other blog posts and in my book, Sweet.

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