Sweet: highs, lows & mystic glows (eBook)

“Sweet is a fun, quirky, and multicultural romp—a real and raw account of Shereen’s search for meaning, love and purpose.” 
 Kailean Welsh, author of Blazing A Trail

Shereen Baird has newly turned 20. As she reflects on the beauty and pain of her life thus far as a half Scottish, half Iranian girl growing up in the rough streets of Glasgow, Scotland and in the small town troubles of Northern Ireland, she has the desire to write this book.

All she knew back then is that she wanted to write a book for when she turned 40, and that here she stood between the history of the past and the mystery of the future. She was feeling the push of the pain and pull of the call to adventure, and was driven by the search for Answers, Love, Home.

So she set off on her outer quest travelling around the globe and her inner quest to hell and back, seeking lost family, motherhood, truth, peace and purpose. On her travels she finds exactly what she needs in unexpected ways and learns to harvest the fruits of the journey.

157 pages, PDF eBook

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Shereen tells her story in short and direct rhyming poetry. She has a magical way of finding meaning in the everyday ups and downs, and her humour and wisdom shines forth throughout.