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Welcome! I'm Shereen, I'm so glad you're here.

I’m a Life & Energy Coach. I help my clients restore their energy and access their personal power so they can move towards what matters to them with greater ease and joy and fully live their souls goals.

As your coach, I will help you learn tools and exercises to improve your energy flow, creativity, and emotional wellness. You will also learn ways to better connect to your soul’s wisdom.

I love to help my clients restore their energy through working creatively and empowering the subtle energy of their spirit.

As a visitor to my page, I invite you to a special Free 1 hour Insight coaching session on Zoom. You will gain insights and clarity around your own energy patterns and receive a birds eye view of your life zones, plus you’ll come away with an action plan for yourself.  I look forward to meeting you. To schedule your free session click the ‘Book Now’ button above.

You have a divine gift and resource within your being.

Journaling Practice

To Help You Nourish Body, Mind & Soul

By checking in with yourself daily with these morning contemplations and evening reflections, you will set the tone for your day ahead and make intentional choices that will nourish your body, mind and soul.

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Life & Energy Coaching can help you:


CREATE a life you love living by taking soul led action towards what matters to you.

BECOME your own energy healer using the tools and strategies we will explore in our sessions together.

EXPRESS your creative spirit in ways that surprise you.

FEEL more grounded, more ease, more joy, as you release old ways of being and invite in new habits and attitudes that welcome all of you.

COMMUNICATE from your soul and create harmonious relationships.

RECEIVE resources, guidance, knowledge and support that will give you the clarity, confidence and courage to take the next steps on your journey.

Join me for a free Insight session on Zoom.

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The Energy Coaching techniques help you learn how to:

Life is full of opportunities as well as challenges.

I help my clients navigate these opportunities and challenges with courage and confidence and breakthrough to new levels of experience, understanding, compassion and joy.

Healing with Chakra Wisdom: Overcoming Blocks and Restoring Harmony

Working with the chakras can bring about profound healing and transformation. This energy system within offers us insight into the subtle energies of our existence.  I first began my own exploration of the Chakras while I was in India doing my Yoga Teacher training then later throughout my Energy Coach training, where I certified in the ‘Chakra Inner Healing’ program.  Entering into the world of each energy center has brought me deeper spiritual understanding, greater self-awareness and much needed healing.

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Get Unstuck: The Source and The Solution

Feeling stuck sucks. It’s a frustrating and inevitable part of life. We all encounter moments when we’re unsure of how to move forward.  I personally struggle and experience feeling stuck when I feel torn between two opposing decisions, such as should I stay in the USA or move back to Europe! I like to blame this on my zodiac sign, Pisces, since the symbol is often depicted as two fishes swimming in opposite directions and this is exactly how it feels,

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Accessing The Flow State – habits that give you access to creative energy

I love that experience of being fully immersed in the task at hand, enjoying the process and having access to creative energy. In this blog post I share habits and activities we can engage in to help us enter this immersive, timeless space. I’ve also recorded a few of my favorite Tai Chi sequences, which I’m excited to share with you here. The flow state brings about a merging of the individual (mind, body, soul) and the present moment. When

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Heal your heart and make your life a work of art.