Live Your Soul's Goals FREE MEDITATION

Holistically Heal Your Heart And Make Your Life A Work Of Art.

Someone needs your unique flowers and fruits. Herein are tools to support your growth and roots.

Hi, I'm Shereen,
founder of the
Flowerhood Project

I’m passionate about helping you step into your peace, power and purpose. I want to help you heal your heart and make your life a work of art.

I’m a poet, artist, teacher, yoga instructor, and author of the book Sweet – highs, lows & mystic glows. I want to see you create and enjoy a life filled with joy, love, creativity and awe-inspiring divine unfoldment…

My journey from infertility to Flowerhood is the inspiration behind this work. Created to help you move from doom to full bloom, whatever your heartbreaking story may be.

The seed of our soul needs to be cracked open so the light can get in and out!

“Our stories that take us to hell, have the potential to take us to heaven”.

Just take baby steps…

The World Needs
YOU In Full Bloom

Honor the Dark.
Embrace the Light.

The Flowerhood Project

The Flowerhood Project provides Soul Seed Support.

The work herein is devoted to helping you regain peace and rebuild a brand new life after tragedy, and uncover and live your bigger why for being.

Helping you find your ground, take back your power, move out of your comfort zone and heed your call…

My Bundles of Joy, and other resources are filled with  wisdom and practices to help you experience more peace, joy, freedom, creativity and purposeful living.

With these tools you can create the conditions for your precious unfoldment…

So you can finally live your full potential and experience life on the blooming edge, were you can share YOUR unique essence.

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The Bundles of Joy are filled with the vital nutrients (wisdom, tools and practices) that can help you in your process of growth and healing.

Each bundle is focused on a specific area that, when cared for, leads to Flowerhood…

So the world can finally get to benefit from the flowers and fruits that are YOU. And from the seeds of joy you’ll plant for future generations.

Sweet: highs, lows & mystic glows

“Sweet is a fun, quirky, and multicultural romp—a real and raw account of Shereen’s search for meaning, love and purpose.” 

Kailean Welsh, author of Blazing A Trail  

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