Soul-Centered Coaching
 with Shereen Baird

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards greater peace, self-empowerment and fulfillment?


  • Restore, heal, and empower your energy
  • Birth your passion projects 
  • Make your destiny contributions
  • Experience greater peace and fulfillment
  • Access your soul’s wisdom 
  • Confidently move towards what truly matters to you


  • Tailored sessions and packages to meet your unique needs
  • Strategies that engage your creative mind and intuition
  • Life-enhancing energy practices
  • Guided journeys and powerful inquiry
  • A sacred space for you to go deep 
  • Accountability to help you stay on track

Coaching Packages

Inspired Action Package

Clear obstacles that hinder follow-through and take soul-led action towards your goals and aspirations.

Chakra Inner Healing Package​

Bring healing and awareness to your energy centers for holistic well-being.

Emotional Wellness Package

Heal anxiety, navigate difficult emotions, process grief, release stress.

★ Plus, optional tailored packages to address your specific goals.

Let's Talk!

Book a complimentary 1-hour Insight Coaching Session!

During this free session, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your goals and energy patterns, gain clarity on what might be holding you back, and discover what life is calling you towards next.

You’ll leave with a personalized action plan, plus you’ll have the chance to ask any questions about the coaching package offerings.

Our session will take place via Zoom. I look forward to meeting you!

Client Feedback

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About Shereen

Shereen, a certified Life & Energy Coach, guides her clients in enhancing their energy flow, fostering creativity, nurturing emotional wellness, and deepening their connection to their soul’s wisdom. Through her support, they gain the ability to move towards their priorities with increased ease and joy, enabling them to fully embrace and live their soul’s goals.