I’m Shereen

I’m a certified Energy Coach, Life Coach and Yoga Instructor, with decades of study in the world of spiritual wisdom and self-development. 

I work with men and women who are ready to turn their soul’s goals into reality and create a life they love. Using powerful, proven tools my clients feel energized and guided by their own innate wisdom.  They heal and move through obstacles with greater ease and are quickly able to create soul alignment in all areas of their lives.

As well as my role as a coach, I’m also a passionate poet, artist, traveler, teacher and author of the book Sweet – highs, lows & mystic glows

I have experienced tremendous grief and loss throughout my life, which has been my greatest teacher and has fueled my own soul’s goals. My own healing and transformation has led to new ways of seeing and being that welcomes all of me, to a life full of things I love and to a knowing that is so precious. Pain and bliss are my most cherished companions.

I grew up in Scotland, teenage years in Ireland. I lived in Spain and France for some years teaching English and learning their lingo. 

Traveling is a massive passion of mine.I love to experience how people live and how they connect and relate to the Great Mystery. I love learning the universal language of Love we all share.

I’ve trained as a yoga instructor in India, volunteered as an English teacher in an orphanage in Thailand, found and visited my dad’s family in Iran (my dad was Iranian and died when I was 10) and so many other mission driven trips. These days I’m living in the USA where I continue to heed the call of my soul and move towards what matters to me.
I can help you move towards what matters to you.

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