Shereen Baird: Life & Energy Coach

Inspired Action

Coaching Package

Clear Obstacles Hindering Your Inspiration and Action

4 x Sessions 


 Join Shereen for an immersive online coaching experience to help you follow through on your goals, empowered by inspired action.

Group or One-on-One Options Available!

Group sessions starting soon from:
Jan 20th to Mar 2nd 2024 meeting bi-weekly online.

Take action from the sense of flow that comes from your inner wisdom, creativity and intuition.

Session Details:

✨ Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination can feel like a tug of war inside, where part of us wants to do a task, project, or take some action and another part has a secret desire to be free, distracted, or some other form of resistance. We will bring the parts of ourselves that are in conflict together to heal our tendency to procrastinate.

✨ Using Your Natural Modes of Being

You will learn what your authentic mode of being is so you can activate it often in your day and week. When you learn to do this you’ll flow with yourself, your projects and all of your life. Being in touch with who your really are will activate your inner wisdom and align you with your true values and purpose.

✨ Creating Healthy Boundaries

In this session you will explore the importance of creating spaces that nurture your well-being and learn how to say ‘no’ so you can empower yourself to spend time in ways that bring you fulfillment and happiness.

✨ Taking Bold Action

Discover your action taking style and call in the energy of the warrior archetype to assist you in taking bold inspired action. The warrior can assist you in making decisions and taking powerful steps towards your goals.

Experience the magic that happens when your actions align with the wisdom of your soul. ✨

"Shereen's guidance has enabled me to maintain a profound sense of connection and tranquility even amidst challenging situations. I cannot express enough gratitude for the serenity and enhanced self-awareness she has nurtured within me. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse her services to anyone seeking a profound transformation."

Group Coaching Package:

From Jan 20th to Mar 2nd 2024 meeting bi-weekly online.

4 x Sessions

Normally $150
Now only $120

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Price: $ 120.00

Private One-on-One Coaching Package

Available at dates and times of your choosing. Online.

4 x Sessions

Normally $480
Now only $300

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Price: $ 300.00

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About Shereen

Shereen, a certified Life & Energy Coach, guides her clients in enhancing their energy flow, fostering creativity, nurturing emotional wellness, and deepening their connection to their soul’s wisdom. Through her support, they gain the ability to move towards their priorities with increased ease and joy, enabling them to fully embrace and live their soul’s goals.