May You Find A Way (for mothers who wanted kids but can’t/won’t have any)

May you find a way to move through the grief
May you find that much needed relief

May you find a way to nurture the child in you
May you know your not alone, we understand too

May you discover the gain, hidden in the loss
May this be what frees you from the cross

May you mother who you came here to serve
May you find the peace and joy that you deserve

May you find delight in the children of others
May your presence be a blessing for other mothers

May you create and give birth to your art
May you find a way to keep a wide open heart

May you find a way to not just survive
May you rise from ashes and thrive

May you find a way...


5 Responses

  1. Healing, comforting vibes from head to toe!
    Very inspiring and motivating.
    Much love and appreciation for you sweet Shereen ~

  2. The flowers look awesome and my heart was so effected by this poem. Thank you for putting it out there. Love you

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