Staying Centered Amidst It All

In this blog post, I delve into the possibilities that arise when we stand at the center of our own existence, as expressed through a poem I wrote in 2014. I also share a few of my favorite practices that I personally rely on to help me stay centered amidst the challenges of daily life.

I crafted part 1 of this poem in tandem with this drawing in Tuscany, Italy, just before embarking on an ayahuasca ceremony led by a Shaman from Peru. Part 2 emerged the following day while I was aboard a train to Rome.

Here’s my poem: (you can listen to it below if you prefer)

What do you see?
The joining of hearts,
united as we.
The stars and the moon,
the sun and the rain.
The happiness, the sadness,
the joy and the pain.
The plants and the trees.
The land, sky and seas.
The honey, wine, oil and cheese.
The gift of the senses—
smell, sound, taste, sight.
The tender touch and strength
to hold on tight.
The seasons,
the night and the day.
All of which come bearing guidance,
to show us the way.
Who am I? Is there a purpose?
Why am I here?
Wisdom shines its light,
often when pain is near.
I wish it were simple,
that someone or something
would wave a magic wand.
Revealing the inner knowledge,
the secrets of the self,
the universe and beyond.
Now look closer,
look from the heart.
What do you see?
I see the center,
my center.
The center where I
must enter.
Into the place where
inner knowledge can be found.
Where the senses go beyond
hearing, sight, taste, smell and sound.
Where I can heal
and transform.
Where again and again,
I can be re-born.
Where the rain may pour
or the sun may shine,
where the deeper understanding
of the experience is mine.
Where I can re-visit
and shake hands with the past.
And give thanks for the wisdom given,
which is sure to last.
Where I can acknowledge
the beauty in the pain.
Where there is wisdom
and sacred knowledge to gain.
Where my state of
consciousness can shift.
Where into other
dimensions I can drift.
Where the seeing of cycles,
the circle of life is clear.
Where I can hold myself
and all beings dear.
Where a vital tool that guides
are my breaths.
Where I can experience
mini births and mini deaths.
Where I can give up the attachments
and all the confusion.
Where I can fly to that place
that’s beyond all illusion.
Where energies transform
replacing the old,
opening gateways to pathways
paved with gold.
Where I can nurture
my inner child.
Where new desires
I must follow run wild.
Where I can feel the eternal life force
move through me,
liberating my fears,
thus setting me free.
Where now, the present moment,
is all that exists.
Where the worries of the past and future
no longer persist.
Where I know that everything is
and will be fine.
Where everything I could ever want or need
is already mine.
Where there is no need to climb or struggle,
no big wall.
Where I can appreciate life and
give thanks for all.

You can listen to this poem here:

I know that when I enter my center, when I reside in my inner sanctuary I have access to a source of intelligence and love that nourishes and fuels me, supports me and guides me.

Here are a few of the practices I appreciate for achieving and maintaining a centered state:

  1. Meditate or reflect upon the vast expanse of the clear blue sky while keeping my first attention deep inside my body.
  2. Yoga and tai chi helps me ground, focus and flow with the ups and downs of life.
  3. Gardening reminds me I am in partnership with a powerful source, I do my part and Divine Love takes care of the rest.

I’m curious, what do you see? And what helps you get centered?

P.S. The poem I’ve shared is just one piece from my book, which features numerous other poems. If you’re interested in learning more about my book, you can find further details here.

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