Her Act of Kindness Cheered US Both Up

Sacred tears cleansed my cheeks and I was feeling sad and vulnerable as that ‘time of the month’ drew close. The sadness was interrupted when my phone began to bleep and bleep and bleep and bleep as a whole bunch of photos from my dear friend trickled in.

They instantly put a smile on my face and cheered me up.  She bought 10 copies of my book and had been out on a mission putting them in ‘little library’s’ all over Boulder, Colorado! I was touched and filled with gratitude by this beautiful act of kindness.

With smiles and now happy tears I thanked her and told her how this kind act and these photos had totally cheered me up. She replied that doing this had cheered her up too, that she had also been feeling sad and doing this made her feel great.  She said she had a blast seeking out the ‘little library’s’, taking in the Colorado mountain views and soaking up the spring flower… This is evident from the photos.

There’s a great lesson here, kind acts bring good cheer to all involved. If you’re ever feeling down perform a kind act, this will make you feel better, and you never know, it could save a life, and for sure bring good cheer to the recipient.

I reckon we can heal ourselves and the world, one kind act at a time…

Get Involved!

Do share when you’ve been cheered up by a kind act that you performed or someone did for you, I’d love to hear it!

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