The Pillars Of A Fulfilling Life. – What are they for YOU?

What are your pillars of a fulfilling life?  Only you know the answer to this question.

I have been pondering recently, like I often do, what it means and what it takes to have a fulfilling life.

I had 4 words beginning with the letter P come to mind that stood out as really important for me to experience fulfillment. I was going to title this blog post ‘The 4 P’s (Pillars) of a fulfilling life’.

Turns out there’s millions of articles out there claiming the 4 P’s to success, happiness and fulfillment and they all have different P’s! 

Because of course the answer to this question is unique for all of us. And the answer likely shifts at different times in our lives, or even daily, at least it does for me.

There are so many possible P’s (Pillars) to choose from that could describe this experience of fulfillment and of course these pillars are not only limited to words that begin with the letter P and maybe there are no ‘words’ to describe that experience. 

However just for a moment, if you feel inspired, I invite you to consider, perhaps ponder, what are your 4 P’s of a fulfilling life, today? 

Below I have listed a bunch of possible P’s, and there are many more… so feel free to explore beyond this list.

If you could only choose 4 P’s what would they be and why? Are you making these a priority in your life?  And if not what can you do today to spend more of your day doing what fulfills you?

My original P’s were Purpose, Passion, Progress, and Pause.  Today they are Play, Pause, Peace, and Perspective.

What are yours?

Poem – Pondering Possible Pillars 

Make your own Path.

Have soul Perspective and Presence.

Welcome all of it, Pure Pleasure and Punishing Pain.

Make Progress. Make a Positive impact.

Hang out with Plants.  Paint Pictures.

Play often.  Eat Pizza.

Express and live your Personal Progressing Potential and Power.

Protect and Parent your inner child with Patience.

Find your Place.

Pay attention to beauty.

And Practice Peace.

May your Path be filled with a Plentiful harvest of your P’s.



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