The Wisdom of Fall – And how to let go with love

What a beautiful sight, sun lit streets lined with vivid autumn colors.  And who doesn’t love crunching through the leaves in the woods at this time of year? 

I love fall, but it almost always comes with a dose of sadness for me.  Sad to see the end of summer, coupled with apprehension of what winter might bring.  This year has been no different plus there’s been a lot of grief in the air for myself and those around me, war, deaths, endings in all shapes and forms.

Fall reminds me that endings also mean new beginnings, that a new cycle of  leaves, of  life, awaits us and that grief helps us transition from the old into the new.

Grief is natures chief, a process we are given by nature to help us honor our losses and experience the gifts of grief so we can embody deeper levels of compassion and love and open up to what’s new.

Fall comes bearing an abundance of wisdom for us. The changing colors of leaves remind us change is a constant in life, giving us the strength to embrace change.

It’s also a time for harvest and celebration. Tis the season to harvest the fruits of our labor, to acknowledge and give thanks for what we have accomplished and for all the abundance we have in our lives.

As the creatures prepare for winter by gathering food, this teaches us about the importance of preparing for the challenges and changes that lie ahead. What can you do to winterize your home and sustain yourself throughout the winter months this year?

Trees stand tall and withstand the changing weather, reminding us of our strength and our ability to weather life’s storms.  The shorter days and longer nights invite us to turn inward, encouraging us to reflect and connect with our inner world.

Fall encourages us to let go.  Let go of unfulfilled dreams, loved ones, heart-ache, trauma, a location, a career, fear, a certain way of being, whatever it may be. We like the trees are being prompted to drop our leaves in preparation for a new cycle of growth.

For many of us letting go is not easy, it can feel like we’re dying or like part of us is dying.  But when we look at the trees as they lose their leaves with ease and grace and we see that they don’t die, they’re aware of the nature of life, that we let go of the old and make space for the new.

How to let go with love 

A simple process I have personally found helpful is this:

  1. Find a tree you really like that is in the process of dropping it’s leaves.
  2. Take a note book and pen and go sit under the tree.
  3. Take a moment to connect with the trees wisdom.
  4. Now write down everything your are ready and willing to let go of. (there will be somethings you are not ready to let go of and that’s ok)
  5. Now take this page and burn it.
  6. Place your hand on your heart and say “I let all of this go”.
  7. Watch as the page becomes smoke and allow any tears to come and cleanse you.

Once the leaves are all gone from the trees and the landscapes take on an uncluttered appearance, you will be able to see clearly into what truly matters and prioritize and act accordingly.

Happy Fall!

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