With You


The reality of this whole situation has reached my tummy, my heart, my brain
I am doing my best to be love, send love and stay calm and sane
I am being asked to face the fear and allow my broken heart to grieve
So that when this crazy storm has passed I can step out anew and weave

Weave a new world WITH YOU, that takes into consideration our shared humanity
That provides the love, safety, freedom and the unity we need for our shared sanity
Weave a new world WITH YOU, that cares about our people, our animals, our land
Where there is no tweedle dee or dweedle dumb and no need to follow their command
Weave a new world WITH YOU, where we can all feel like we belong
Where we can freely come together to share our gifts and our hearts song

This poem, along with many others can be found in my book – Sweet: highs, lows and mystic glows (an autobiography written in verse).

I wrote this poem in March 2020 in response to the beginnings of the crazy weird year of coronavirus, fear, deep seeing, change, uncertainty and further awakening.

When the inevitable storms rock up be sure to:
Get creative, move your body, drink water, eat foods you find nourishing, sing, dance and fill your brains with good news, as you face whatever has surfaced for you.

May we all rise from our personal and collective storms more whole, more compassionate, more free.

I grieve WITH YOU. 
I sing WITH YOU.

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