Allow Art to Heal your Heart

What’s your favourite way to express your creativity?

As a youngster I loved to paint and draw…

However by the time my teenage shenanigan years, and soon to follow ‘adult’ responsibilities kicked in, this once delightful activity was pushed aside for seemingly more important tasks.

Sound familiar?

We abandon our childhood joys and with it our imaginative creative expression.

Can I ask, how often do you make space to make art?

I personally hadn’t put paint to paper for around 15 years, until a period of grief brought the gift of space and time, and the desire to paint re-surfaced.

To my surprise painting was not only a fun and epic way to express colour and get creative…

I realised it was playing a powerful role in healing my heart.

And that both the process of painting and my finished pieces were imbued with restorative gifts. This is when I realized making art truly can heal your heart.

Often my inner child (the wee me that still resides inside) would run the show, revealing messy, childlike, silly paintings and on occasions these would reflect the transformation of old and current wounds.

You’re welcome to have a wee peek at my colourful, simple, childlike paintings here.

My house is full my favourite artists’ work, they lift me up, help me focus, bring me peace and beautify my space.

Give The Gift Of Art

I recently discovered Redbubble a place were you can upload your artwork and have it printed on all sorts of fun items such as mugs, notebooks, a range of clothing, wall art, clocks, pillows, phone covers, stickers, bags and many other items (see how they look here by clicking on a painting).

I love this because it gives us a place to make our gifts for friends and family personal by adding our art work to it for an extra special touch.

Plus once it’s uploaded on their anyone can buy them…

Although you don’t make much money (Redbubble takes most of it), it means someone else could be lifted up by having your art in their space.

So tell me, what is your favourite creative outlet?

Art really does and can heal your heart.

Surround yourself with art and get out your own paint brush too, or whatever tools you need for your preferred art form, you’ll be surprised at what you create and how it makes you feel!

Paint for Fun—–Paint to Express Yourself—–Paint to Heal

For other creative endeavour ideas check out my blog on ‘The Beauty of Collage’ here.

For a little inspiration you can check out my colourful, simple, childlike paintings here.

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